How Does Adolescent Health Care Differ From Other Primary Care?

Adolescence is a time of major changes for your child, and major adjustments for you, as well. Not only are the adolescent years a period of rapid physical growth, but between the ages of 10 and 18, your child faces a lot of changes in their emotional and social development, too.

At Nevada Pediatric Specialists, providers at our Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, practices offer health care services tailored specifically for adolescents and their families. Establishing healthy behaviors during these critical years can make the transitional years easier while also setting the stage for a healthier adulthood.

Our team works individually with each patient and family to improve physical health, reduce stress, and provide the support kids and families need to help them achieve their potential. Here’s how our teen health services go beyond general primary care services and can help your child thrive.

Why adolescent health care is important

Most people remember their adolescent years as times of happiness and excitement mixed with periods of stress, uncertainty, sadness, and anxiety. Preteens and teens need to navigate a lot of changes in their physical and emotional growth and wellness, and sometimes, those changes can seem overwhelming.

Some adolescents cope by overeating, withdrawing, or engaging in other unhealthy or even risky behaviors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer some startling facts about American adolescents:

Habits like smoking and unsafe sex pose additional problems for adolescents, problems that can increase the likelihood of high school underperformance or dropping out of school entirely. Data show about half of all mental health problems also begin in adolescence, although many of those problems go undiagnosed.

Hormonal changes are a big reason why teens and preteens experience the emotional upheavals of adolescence. But there are other factors, too, as a need to assert their own independence and a deep desire to fit in with their peers. 

One major contributing factor may be the rapid development that occurs in the brain during the adolescent years. The recently launched ABCD study (Adolescent Brain Cognitive Developmentā„  Study focuses on how preteen and teen brain development contribute to risk-taking behaviors and decision-making in adolescence, including the decision to use or abuse drugs and alcohol. 

With so much going on during these critical years, it’s easy to see how parents can also feel overwhelmed. Every parent wants to provide a firm, supportive grounding aimed at helping their child stay safe and healthy during this tumultuous time.

Our teen health services use a customized approach to care that helps children prepare for the specific challenges of adolescence while also enabling them to make smart, healthy choices.

Physical and emotional benefits

At Nevada Pediatric Specialists, our team sets the stage for a happier, healthier adolescence by helping kids establish behaviors aimed at improving wellness now and during adulthood. Our team focuses on your child’s specific needs and then makes recommendations based on their lifestyle, preferences, and health profile, such as:

We can answer important questions about your child’s sexual development and other issues that influence their lives and their decisions. And, of course, we’re always on the lookout for signs of anxiety or depression that could have a big influence on your child’s physical and emotional health.

Health care for your child’s unique needs

Personalized health care can help your teen thrive during this tough time, setting the stage for successful and happy adulthood. To schedule an office visit for your child, call 702-457-5437, or use our online form to request an appointment time.

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