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Lab tests are critical to diagnosing health conditions and monitoring treatments. Nevada Pediatric Specialists has a CLIA-waived laboratory that allows it to run in-house lab tests at the offices in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. When your child needs diagnostic lab tests, you can count on Nevada Pediatric Specialists. Schedule an appointment by calling the practice or using the online scheduling tool.

Lab Tests Q & A

What are some of the available lab tests?

The team at Nevada Pediatric Specialists offers a comprehensive range of in-office lab tests to evaluate your child’s health and diagnose illness, such as:

Rapid strep

A rapid strep test is a quick throat swab that can reveal the presence of streptococcal bacteria in around 5 minutes. The analysis confirms the practitioner’s diagnosis and helps them prescribe the best medicine to help your child recover. 

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

RSV is a prevalent cause of pediatric respiratory infections. Like the flu, RSV is seasonal and can cause complications in children with a weakened immune system, chronic lung disease, or congenital heart disease. The test is a quick swab of your child’s nasal passages. 

Flu A/B

Nevada Pediatric Specialists also uses flu A//B tests to confirm that the influenza virus is causing your child’s illness. The test requires a nasal swab, and results are usually available within 15 minutes. 


The team at Nevada Pediatric Specialists uses hemoglobin/lead tests to screen for lead poisoning. Some symptoms of lead poisoning include loss of appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, and developmental delays.


Your provider might start with blood tests, including a random blood sugar test and an A1C test, to screen for signs of diabetes. If your child has elevated glucose levels, your provider might request a fasting sugar test to monitor how your child’s body regulates blood sugar. 


The team at Nevada Pediatric Specialists orders urinalysis if they think your child has a urinary tract infection. A urinalysis also provides information about your child’s kidney function.


An HCG test shows your provider the amount of sex hormones your child’s body is producing. This test is used to check for pregnancy. 

H. pylor

H. pylori is one of the most common bacterial infections that cause gastrointestinal symptoms and contribute to peptic ulcers. The team at Nevada Pediatric Specialists uses a fingerstick blood test to diagnose H. pylori.  

Why would my child need lab tests?

Most of the time, children do not need to have routine lab tests. However, if your child has symptoms of a disease, the team at Nevada Pediatric Specialists orders blood tests and urinalysis to diagnose your child’s illness. 

For example, if your child has symptoms like rapid weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination, and increased thirst and hunger, their doctor might order a glucose test to check for signs of diabetes. 

How do I know what lab tests my child needs?

Your doctor at Nevada Pediatric Specialists orders lab tests based on your child’s specific needs. They can answer your questions and explain what the recommended tests can reveal about your child’s health and development. 

If you are looking for comprehensive and convenient pediatric care in the Las Vegas Valley, call Nevada Pediatric Specialists, or make an appointment online today.