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Most youth sports teams require a sports physical before allowing your child to participate. The board-certified team of caring providers at Nevada Pediatric Specialists offers sports physicals at their offices in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. If your little one or teenager needs a sports physical to join a team, call Nevada Pediatric Specialists, or schedule an appointment online today.

Sports Physical Q & A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is an exam to make sure it is safe for your child to participate in a sport. Most schools and youth leagues require sports physicals before they allow a child to join the team. 

Nevada Pediatric Specialists provides these physical exams and completes the necessary paperwork after ensuring that your child is fit enough to participate safely. 

Why does my child need a sports physical?

Playing sports is an excellent way for kids to get exercise, stay fit, and learn teamwork and leadership skills. However, training and competing in sports are physically demanding and puts stress on your child's musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. For example, physical activity can sometimes trigger asthma.

During a sports physical, your provider checks for any abnormalities or weaknesses that could become an issue under physical stress. 

While most sports teams require sports physicals, Nevada Pediatric Specialists recommends that your child have one anyway. Just like adults should check with their physician before starting a new exercise regimen, it is best practice to check in on your child's health, too. 

What happens during a sports physical?

Sports physicals are similar to an annual exam. After you and your child check-in with the friendly front desk team, a member checks your child's height, weight, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation. 

Then you meet with your provider. They talk to you and your child, reviewing their medical history and other lifestyle details. They observe your child for any abnormalities or issues that could interfere with their ability to participate on a sports team. 

Your provider listens to their heart and lungs and looks into their eyes, ears, nose, and throat. They also feel your child's abdomen, muscles, and joints. Your provider checks their reflexes and balance.

You should bring the sports physical paperwork to the appointment. There is usually a questionnaire for parents and a place for a parent's signature. Once your part of the paperwork is complete, your provider can fill out their sections and sign off. 

When it comes to sports, safety is paramount. Schedule your child's sports physical by calling Nevada Pediatric Specialists or booking online.