Will My Child Need Lab Tests With a Sports Physical?

Will My Child Need Lab Tests With a Sports Physical?

Spring is here, and for plenty of parents, that means it’s time to schedule a sports physical for your child. Not only do schools and most other sports organizations require these special physical exams, but they’re also really important for making sure your child is healthy and ready for play.

Nevada Pediatric Specialists is a top provider of sports physicals for kids in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, and we also offer on-site lab testing for kids who need more in-depth evaluations. Here’s what our team wants you to know about lab testing for sports physicals and when we recommend it for our patients.

Quick facts about sports physicals

Sports physicals are exams specifically designed to ensure that your child is ready to participate in sports at their school or with a community or private group. These physicals play an important role in keeping your child safe during physical activity, which is why schools and other groups make these physicals a requirement for participation.

Sports physicals include many of the same evaluations used in an annual physical exam. During your child’s sports physical, we measure their height and weight, check their heart and lungs, take their blood pressure, and review their family and personal medical history.

We also check your child’s reflexes and balance, along with their joints and muscle strength. The doctor talks to your child about their sport and asks them questions about their health and their lifestyle habits, like how well they sleep or how much exercise they get.

At the completion of the physical, the doctor fills out any paperwork required by the sports organization, so be sure to bring all forms with you for your child’s visit. Depending on the results of the exam and other factors, our team may recommend additional testing, like a vision exam or lab tests.

The role of lab testing

While lab testing isn’t a regular part of a sports physical, it can be helpful for making sure kids with certain medical concerns or health risks are ready for competitive play. 

For instance, if your child has diabetes, asthma, or a heart issue, lab testing provides important information that can play a role in your child’s activity. Tests also provide a baseline that enables the doctor to adjust treatment as needed to help your child stay healthy.

Your pediatrician may also recommend lab tests if your child is taking certain medications. Because physical activity may have a bearing on an underlying medical condition or the dosing of specific medications, testing helps ensure that your child’s medicine remains effective without interfering with play.

In addition, if your child has had an illness or other medical issue in the past, lab testing can confirm that they’re fully recovered and ready to return to their activity. Overall, lab testing is just one more way we can make sure your child gets the most from their sports experience while minimizing any health risks.

Keep your child healthy — on and off the field

If your child is thinking about participating in sports during the summer or next fall, now is a great time to come in for a physical. To schedule a sports physical for your child, call 702-457-5437 or book an appointment online with Nevada Pediatric Specialists today.

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