Sports Physicals: Why Your Child Needs One

Fall is here, and for many schools and communities, that means it’s time for fall and winter sports. For millions of parents across the United States, it also means it’s time to schedule a sports physical

Data show that as many as 3.5 million kids are injured each year playing sports. Scheduling a sports physical plays an important role in helping to decrease the risk of injuries so your child stays healthy.

At Nevada Pediatric Specialists, we offer comprehensive sports physicals for kids in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, helping kids enjoy their sports while staying safe and healthy, too. Here’s why having a sports physical is so important for your child’s health and well-being.

Play fun, play safe

Most people equate being young with having excellent health and wellness, but that’s not always the case. Even kids can have hidden or seemingly mild medical problems without obvious symptoms. But once the added physical demands of a sports program kick in, those issues could become more serious.

Asthma is a good example. Some asthma flare-ups occur as a result of strenuous physical activity and heavy breathing. Even if your child exhibits few symptoms now, when training begins, those symptoms may get a lot worse.

A sports physical includes both a detailed family medical history and a physical exam designed to identify potential health issues that could make sports problematic for your child. By detecting potential issues early on, the doctor can recommend treatments that can help your child stay healthy throughout the sports season and beyond.

When a medical issue is identified, your doctor might initiate immediate treatment or suggest special accommodations or changes to your child’s training routine to prevent serious health concerns from developing.

Providing education and guidance

People enjoy activities more when they know they’re doing their best and succeeding at their efforts. Certainly, regular practice plays a big role in helping your child succeed. But it’s also important for them to understand the underlying role of good health and healthy habits.

Sports physicals are an ideal time for you and your child to ask your doctor questions or discuss any concerns about playing the sport, about training, or about overall health and wellness.

During your child’s exam, our team can provide important tips and guidance to help your child develop healthy habits to support them not only during their sports activities, but throughout their lifetime, as well. Plus, we can help ensure their techniques and training activities are optimized for their sport, their age, and their abilities.

Sports physical vs. regular physical

If your child has had a physical exam recently, you might be tempted to skip a sports physical — but that’s not a good idea. While a regular physical exam evaluates your child’s overall health and development, sports physicals are designed to evaluate your child’s health and abilities in relation to their specific sport, making sure they’re healthy enough to participate. Also, most schools, sports clubs, and leagues require them.

A sports physical is divided into two main parts: the physical exam and a detailed medical history, which includes your child’s past health as well as a family health history. During your child’s appointment, our team can fill out any paperwork the team or sports organization provides to ensure your child can start playing right away.

Schedule your visit today

Most kids need to have sports physical paperwork completed before they can compete or even practice. Scheduling a sports physical as soon as possible prevents possible delays that could interfere with your child’s participation. Call Nevada Pediatric Specialists at 702-457-5437 or use our online form and book an appointment today.

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