Conduct Your Behavioral Health Checkup From the Comfort of Your Home

Behavioral health issues are fairly common among children and adolescents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that about 9.4% of kids ages 2-17 are diagnosed with ADHD, and another 7.4% have another diagnosed behavioral problem. 

Their effects can take a major toll on a child’s health and well-being. To help kids manage their behavioral condition and enjoy a better quality of life, it’s important to have regular behavioral health checkups, both to monitor their condition and to manage any medication they might be taking.

The team at Nevada Pediatric Specialists knows it’s not always easy to fit an office visit into an already-busy schedule. That’s why we offer telemedicine visits to help kids with behavioral issues get the ongoing care and support they and their families need — when and where it’s most convenient. 

The importance of behavioral health checkups

ADHD and other behavioral problems typically rely on a combination of medication and behavioral therapies aimed at helping kids improve behaviors in a variety of social settings and environments. At Nevada Pediatric Specialists, we help kids and families navigate this multimodal approach to care for greater successes and fewer frustrations.

As an adult, you know you can’t learn (or unlearn) a habit overnight. It takes time and practice to implement new behaviors and skills. One of the roles of regular behavioral health checkups is to make sure your child stays on track with their behavioral therapy program, providing them with the support and encouragement they need to be successful and confident. 

Regular checkups also allow our team to learn more about your child’s responses to their therapy and their medication. As with other health issues, treatment often needs to be modified over time and adjusted as your child’s needs change. Having checkups on a regular basis enables your child’s doctor to evaluate current therapy and make those changes whenever they can benefit your child.

Your child’s checkups also provide an opportunity for you and your child to talk about issues, concerns, or worries, to ask questions, and to learn new skills that can improve family and social relationships. Our doctors can provide you and your child with the tools you both need to navigate even the most difficult times to forge stronger bonds.

The telemedicine advantage

It’s clear why regular behavioral health checkups are important for your child and for your family. And telemedicine appointments via our secure video conferencing platform makes getting that care a lot more convenient. 

With telemedicine appointments, there’s more flexibility when it comes to scheduling, so you can book an appointment that won’t interfere with work, school, or other obligations. Plus, you don’t spend time driving to the doctor’s office and back — your child’s visit can take place in the comfort of your home or wherever is most convenient.

Telemedicine visits are booked for a specific time, so you don’t even need to spend time in a waiting room. And while the COVID-19 pandemic’s mask mandates continue, these video visits mean you don’t have to worry about social distancing or wearing a face covering.

Staying on track with your child’s care

Telemedicine appointments make it a lot easier to ensure your child gets the care they need when it’s most convenient for your schedule. Setting up a telemedicine behavioral health checkup for your child is simple. Just call our office or book an appointment online today.

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