4 Benefits of Telemedicine

4 Benefits of Telemedicine

It’s probably not surprising that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telemedicine skyrocketed. In fact, the pandemic provided many people with their first experiences using telehealth, allowing them to receive essential medical care without physically visiting their doctors’ offices. 

Even though the initial concerns and contact restrictions of the pandemic are behind us, the use of telemedicine remains popular, mainly because of the many advantages it offers. 

As a top-rated pediatrics practice in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, Nevada Pediatric Specialists is a leading provider of telemedicine for sick visits, medication management, and other key health services. Here are four telemedicine benefits our team wants you to know about.

1. More convenient

With telemedicine, you can connect with a doctor in your own home, on vacation, or wherever and whenever it’s convenient for your lifestyle and your schedule. All you need is a secure internet connection and a private place for you and your child to speak with your provider. 

There’s no need for your child to miss school and no need for you to miss work. We can schedule your appointment anytime during our office hours — whatever works best for you and your family.

2. Avoids illness exposure

Did you know that a single sneeze can spread germs up to 25 feet in just a few seconds? That’s a big reason why people catch colds, flu, and other illnesses so easily. 

As a major pediatric practice in Nevada, our office is busy — so our waiting room can be busy, too. Considering that many of our patients are sick when they visit us, it’s no surprise that they bring plenty of germs with them. 

By having a telemedicine visit, you and your child avoid exposure to sneezes, coughs, and the germs they may carry. And of course, if your child is sick, it also prevents your child from accidentally exposing other kids and parents to their own germs.

3. Saves time

If you’re like most parents, your schedule is already packed with daily responsibilities. Fitting in a doctor’s appointment can be really difficult. Telehealth visits save time in several ways.

With a visit in your home or other convenient location, you don’t need to spend time traveling to and from the doctor’s office. Plus, because your child’s appointment begins at a designated time, you don’t spend time in the waiting room. That’s a huge time savings and just one more way our team helps kids get the care they need, no matter how busy their (or your) schedule may be.

4. Less stress

Doctor’s visits play a critical role in staying healthy, whether you’re sick or you just need to check in for medication, get test results, or manage other health issues. But that doesn’t mean they’re not stressful, especially for kids.

With telemedicine, your child enjoys a more relaxed visit experience because the appointment takes place in a familiar environment where they feel more secure and at ease. 

Not only is that easier for both your child and you, but it also helps build a stronger bond between your child and their provider. Feeling more comfortable with medical care means future visits can be less stressful, too.

Telemedicine makes it a lot easier to get your child the care they need, despite the demands of your busy life. Regular medical care is important for your child’s health now, and it sets the stage for a healthy adulthood, too. 

To learn more about the telemedicine services we offer or to schedule a visit for your child, call 702-457-5437 or book an appointment online with Nevada Pediatric Specialists today.

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